Our Approach

Local Health Coaches


With a national network of local coaches, we offer a "personalized" approach from key stakeholders in the community.

User-Friendly Technology


What good is technology if it is too complicated to use?  We believe in utilizing the right technology for "regionalized" care.

Data That Matters


We help navigate through all of the "noise", to analyze the most important health data for each unique need.

Kumar Ignite Health Method™

Dr. Sujay Kumar

Dr. Sujay Kumar

5-Foundations of the Kumar Ignite Health Method™

I. Internal, External and Performance Mapping

i. DEXA Scan

ii. Visceral Fat Analysis

iii. 3-D Scan

iv. VO2 Max 

II. Spinal and Joint Health

Chiropractic Adjustments

III. Cardiovascular Risk Profile Screening

Heart Disease

i. Lipid Profile

ii. Blood Pressure

iii. Framingham Risk Score

iv. Reynolds Risk Score

v. Coronary Calcium Score


i. A1C

ii. Glucose

IV. Strength and Cardiovascular Training

Certified Personal Training sessions focusing on Sarcopenia and Heart Health.

V. Nutritional Foundation

Science Based Meal Planning

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